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Steelcase Tires, located in Markham, is proud to be an authorized dealer for the world’s best wheels and tires, including Yokohama, Pirelli, Michelin, and Goodyear. We support the manufacturer’s full warranty, plus our commitment to providing you the very best service and value. We also provide full tire repair, wheel repair, and tire storage services.

Steelcase Tires serves Thornhill and the Greater Toronto Area. More than just a tire store, Steelcase Tires is your best source for keeping your vehicle safe and on the road.

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Winter Tire and Wheel Packages

It’s no surprise Steelcase Tires sells more winter tire packages than anyone else. With the biggest selection, we can provide you with a package that will provide you the greatest driving control while meeting your budget.

Tire storage

Forget piling tires in your garage. We can keep your tires safely stored in our facility in the off season, then install them back on your vehicle when you come in.

Tire Repair

In many cases, a small hole can be repaired, saving you the expense of repacking the tire. Our expert tire technicians can assess any tire damage and make a repair if possible.

Wheel Refinishing

Nothing can ruin the look of a car like scratched, scuffed or corroded rims. We offer full refinishing services on all steel and aluminum rims.

Tire Inspections

Tread wear can tell a lot about your vehicle. Alignment, suspension, and driving style can all impact on tread wear. And this affect handling and safety. Be sure to come by regularly for tire inspections.


Properly balanced wheels improve handling and comfort. Sometimes a wheel can be off balance just from hitting a speed bump or pothole. We can quickly balance all your tires to ensure your vehicles handles as it should.

Wheel Repair

Bent or dented wheels can impact handling and increase tire wear. Bring in your old rims for complete repair and to have them work and feel like new.

Tire Rotations

Rotating tires once a year helps to reduce wear, increase mileage, and improve handling. Best of all it only takes a few minutes. So be sure to come by every Spring or Fall.

Winter changeovers

Leave the heavy lifting to us. Simply bring your vehicle in and have us swap your summer tires for winter ones.


Tire pressure monitoring systems
Interior floor mats
Window vent visors
Tire totes
Tire and wheel finishing and cleaning products

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